Art Pack #1: Scourge of Doom Magnet/Patch/Sticker/Print Set


Art Pack #1 : Scourge of Doom

My idea for these "Art Packs" is to make a cohesive sets of art products that share style and imagery. This set is heavily influence by my love of rpg/fantasy game/heavy metal art. I made each part with care and attention to detail. I hope you enjoy this special collection of my work.

Edition of 30
Flail 2 Piece Magnet
Pat's Scourge Sticker
Pat's Scourge Patch
Exclusive 6x8 Kei Truckz - Scourge of Doom Print
Scourge of Doom Game Card

Each Item is made by hand so there is some variation in each magnet. Unfortunately, no international order at this time.